Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the statue be painted any different color other than a Holstein?
A. We can paint the statue from a picture or other form of description to achieve the look you want. Please call a Fiberstock representative for a custom hand-painted price quote.

Q. Does the paint protect from outdoor elements?
A. The paint on the statue has a layer of protective clear coat to protect the statue from most natural elements.

Q. How much water does the statue hold?
A. The statue holds roughly 3 gallons of water. If water is draining onto the floor or out of the pail, simply remove the side panel of the statue and remove enough water so it does not leak anymore.

Q. How do I plug in the pump?
A. The pump can be plugged into any household or other 110-volt outlet.

Q. How can I purchase the statue?
A. Payment is accepted in full or 50% down with balance due upon shipping.  We also accept credit cards, personal or company checks, and purchase orders.